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We do thoroughly control quality of our textiles. The Quality Department has been created in UNSEN in 2009.
The unique system of estimation and quality control of offered materials - Texlevel® has been organized due to efforts of this department together with textile scientific research institutes and Russian textile manufacturers.

Texlevel® System in
- Suppliers selection System.
- Materials quality control both at the factory and in Moscow warehouse.
- Fabrics testing by equipment of leading Russian and European Centers of Certification of textile materials.
- Quality standards System of the of textile materials
- Informational System which informs clients about quality and properties of purchased materials.

"The quality Passport" is being created on the basis of  received certificates and materials test reports 
with instructions of values of tested parameters and detailed recommendations about us
ing of the specificmaterial.

We have created system Texlevel in order to:
- acknowledge conformity fabric quality to the declared characteristics 
- inform clients on quality of purchased materials 
- help to choose a material with specific characteristics

 System is saving your money and time!